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Programs for Women

Healthy Tomorrows

Healthy Tomorrows is a support group open to the community that allows moms that are breastfeeding to connect, learn about resources, and share experiences. 

2nd and 4th Thursday at 12:30pm
Esperanza Little Village
3059 W. 26th St.

For more information, contact Lorena Medina, Women's Health Care Coordinator, at 773-932-0084.

4th Monday at 9:30am
Esperanza Brighton Park
4700 S. California Ave.

For more information, contact Yarely Vergara, Programs Associate, at 773-299-7930.

Nuevos Comienzos

Nuevos Comienzos, Spanish for "New Beginnings," is a visit option for women in their third trimester of pregnancy. This group prenatal visit lets OB patients get additional education, group support, and enjoy prenatal yoga. 

3rd Wednesday at 9:00am
Esperanza California
2001 S. California Ave.

For more information, contact Lorena Rivas, Women's Health Care Coordinator, at 773-640-5794.

Mujeres Apoyándose

Mujeres Apoyándose, Spanish for "Women Supporting Each Other," provides women 21 and older with a safe space to talk about issues such as acculturation, self-esteem, empowerment, and healthy family communication. This group is led by Elvira Pellitteri, LSCW, Behavioral Health Counselor, and held primarily in Spanish.

This group meets at Esperanza Brighton Park at 4700 S. California Ave. For more information, contact Nicolas Zavala, Behavioral Health Care Coordinator, at 773-584-6145 or