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Behavioral Health

Care for Behavioral Health

Throughout all of life’s challenges, you can find care at Esperanza in your language. Usually, we can provide immediate consultation for behavioral health needs and provide additional sessions as needed. A sliding scale fee is available to keep our services affordable.

Counseling services are provided for:

  • Feelings of anxiety and depression, or other emotional needs
  • Life challenges and trauma
  • Family changes


Please note:

  • Due to high demand, there is about a 4-week wait for an appointment.
  • Weekly appointments are not available. Most patients are seen 1-2 times per month.
  • Appointments are 30-minutes and are geared towards short-term treatment.
  • All appointments are scheduled as Teletherapy. If you would like an in-person visit, please let your provider know at the first visit. However, in-person appointments are not guaranteed. 
  • Behavioral Health counselors do not prescribe medication.



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