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Our Medical Assistant Training Program


Esperanza Health Centers is incredibly proud to be partnering with the National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA), a recognized medical assistant training program, to provide opportunities for medical assistant training in our community.

Through this program, Esperanza will host five (5) students to become MAs.  The five student spots are open to anyone who is interested in becoming a medical assistant and has an interest in and understanding of the health challenges facing our communities on the Southwest side.  It is our hope that once the students complete their training, they will stay and join our Esperanza family and become part of our award-winning team.

NIMAA Program Overview

NIMAA Student Handout



Traditional MA training can be expensive and not always affordable which is why Esperanza will cover tuition and fees for all five students if they continue with Esperanza after their program. Any applicant would need to meet the minimum requirements listed below:


  • Must possess a valid state-issued ID/DL
  • Student must be 18 years of age by program completion date (April 2022)
  • Student must possess a HS diploma, GED, or other equivalency certificate
  • Student must be proficient in verbal and written English
  • Student must show proof of immunizations (Td/Tdap, Chicken pox, MMR, Flu, and PPD/BAMT)
  • Not required but highly recommended that student have regular access to computer and internet
  • If offer is made, student will need to submit to a background check conducted by NIMAA

The NIMAA program runs 29 weeks or about eight months and begins August 31st, wrapping up with graduation the last week of April 2022. Students who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to sit for the NHA exam in April. The link below will take you to the NIMAA application webpage:

The student applications deadlines are as follows:


  • Early Application Deadline: April 11
  • Early Decisions Date: May 28
  • Regular Application Deadline: May 30
  • Regular Decisions Date: July 16
  • Classes begin August 31, 2021

We’re very excited to bring this innovative program to Esperanza and the communities we serve.  We look forward to getting your application!