Front Lines


Community Health at the Forefront of the COVID-19 Pandemic

 Front Lines is a project of Esperanza Health Centers documenting our response to the COVID-19 pandemic on Chicago's Southwest side.

On March 8, 2020, Illinois reported its first case of community transmission of COVID-19. Within days, public schools were closed, bars and restaurants shut their doors, and a shelter-in-place order was issued by Governor J.B. Pritzker.  Meanwhile, community health centers like Esperanza suddenly found themselves on the front lines of a global pandemic, with few answers and only a handful of tools against a new, deadly, and inscrutable virus.

The narratives below tell the story of what Esperanza witnessed during the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic in Chicago and what we did in response.



Front Lines - Introduction


Front Lines - Carmen Vergara
    March 9, 2020:  CARMEN VERGARA


Front Lines - Gillian Connolly
    March 27, 2020: GILLIAN CONNOLLY


Front Lines - Max Luna
    April 7, 2020: MAXIMILLIANO LUNA


Front Lines - Jessica Boland
    April 14, 2020: JESSICA BOLAND


Front Lines - Sonia Ayala
    April 25, 2020: SONIA AYALA


Front Lines - Francisco Zamora
    May 7, 2020: FRANCISCO ZAMORA


Front LInes - Pedro Perez
    May 14, 2020: PEDRO PEREZ


Front Lines - Federico Herrera
    May 26, 2020: FEDERICO HERRERA


Front Lines - Epilogue
    July 1, 2020: EPILOGUE