Laura González, MD

Dr. Laura Alejandra González, originally from the South East Side of Chicago, expresses her Peruvian and Mexican background through her work in the community and abroad. As a dual Mexican Citizen, she received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from La Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Furthermore, Dr. González previously worked in a variety of healthcare fields including medical assistant, phlebotomy tech, EKG tech, and as a surgical first assist in multiple hospitals of the Midwest region. Currently, she is completing her Masters in Public Health with a focus on Family and Community Health at Purdue West Lafayette, Indiana. Like her father, Dr. González is the second generation to attend residency at a Rush Medical Center affiliated program. Dr. Laura is excited to begin working with the underserved and uninsured community, promoting preventative health and women’s health, and continuing her research for alternative methods in pain management. 

Laura enjoys a variety of activities like hiking, playing basketball, and painting. She likes to make a multitude of surgical scrub caps for friends and coworkers to wear that represents themselves. On her relaxing days, she enjoys cooking for her friends and family different cuisines based on recipes that she finds on Pinterest or taking a spa day. More importantly, she is a big fan of the Chicago Cubs and enjoys watching baseball with her friends and family at Wrigley Field.