Lizbeth García Rodríguez, MD

Dr. Lizbeth García Rodríguez was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and she is a first-generation physician. She studied at the University of Puerto Rico, received her Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, and pursued her medical career, completing her MD at UMHS in St. Kitts. Dr. Lyz is thrilled to join the Rush-Esperanza team, as she is committed and passionate about empowering this community with Lifestyle Medicine. Her goal is to create a safe, healthy, and equitable environment for the community. Lyz is all about the outdoor scenery, from hiking, running bicycles, and the beach to enjoying coffee and music at a city park. When it comes to indoor activities, which she loves too, she’s a board game nights enthusiast, and a foody. She also loves animals and on her free time she trains her dog for AKC competitions.