Annual Report 2018: Delivering Health, Delivering Hope


From the beginning, Esperanza’s mission has been to deliver health and hope to Chicago’s underserved communities. This mission has guided us from our humble beginnings as a small clinic on South California Avenue to what we have become today - one of the most respected community health centers in the nation serving more than 23,000 patients a year.

But being a community health center means more to us than simply delivering high quality primary care services to our patients. It means understanding the needs of the neighborhoods we call home and how these needs intersect with the health and well-being of those we serve. It means looking for opportunities to do more, creating programs and partnerships that can make a difference.

In the following pages, you’ll learn how these programs are putting the word community back in our community health center. You’ll hear from Esperanza staff who work with patients every day to make sure no one slips through gaps in care. You’ll learn about challenges and triumphs as we work to make an impact on people’s lives.

Of course, none of this is achieved without the wonderful support of our friends and partners who guide us along the way. As we look to another year and the opening of our brand new health center in Brighton Park, we are reminded again that your support has made all the difference in our 15 years. Thank you again for believing in our mission. We hope you enjoy reading about another fantastic year at Esperanza.